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Molten Glass & Wood Sculpture - 20cm Open Mouth

Molten Glass & Wood Sculpture - 20cm Open Mouth

Cohasset Molten Glass is made from recycled glass and Tropical Hardwood from Bali.  Each piece is a completely unique work of art.  The process to make this product started with melting recycled glass pieces and getting them molten hot.  They are then placed on the end of a long hollow pole and gently rolled back and forth to get a rounded shape.  Once shaped the artisans blow a small bubble of air into the piece to start to form the vessel.  Each piece is then pressed onto a unique piece of Gamal Root or Teak Wood while the artist continues to blow into the pole to form the completed vessel.  One the glass has cooled the tops are cut to form the opening and then sanded smooth and rinsed clean. 

The glass fits onto the wood and has an open mouth opening of 20cm across.  These pieces can be decorated in many ways from terrariums to fish bowls, with candles, seashells, plants, etc. 

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